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Thank you for your interest in joining our Facebook group!

Whether your child has autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, Lyme, mitochondrial dysfunction, OCD, PANS / PANDAS, sensory processing disorder, or other health challenges, I created this group to help you!

I would like to warmly welcome you to our family and hope you will find a wealth of biomedical healing information as well as support from parents just like you.

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Thank you again for your participation, see you in the group!


We require all applicants to read the below highlights from our guidelines and click “Confirm” in the email you received with this link.

Admission Criteria (please read if you haven’t been admitted)

  • Our group is for parents of children with special needs or health issues.
  • To determine you’re a parent, we look at your facebook page for photos of children that have likes / comments from friends (we can generally see your profile photo, cover photos and any other public posts).
  • If your profile doesn’t show a photo with children, we can make an exception if you follow the instructions on this page

General Post Content

  • Please stay on topic of biomedically healing our kids.
  • We only approve posts that ask a specific question. To receive the most responses, it’s best if you write concisely and begin with a topic heading.
  • We generally do not approve posts about acute illnesses unless there is an impact on a child’s broader health issues. You can find a file, “Natural Treatment for Acute Illnesses,” with information about colds, flu, and links to natural healing groups.
  • If you have a question about a skin condition, please include information about your child’s diagnosis and diet and why you believe the symptoms are not acute.
  • Questions about children who are not your own or you do not have power to treat (including grandchildren) are not allowed.
  • To be fair to everyone, we do not allow posting questions in color or with backgrounds.

images (1)Note: We do not allow asking for recommended doctors or other local professionals, but we have a file, “How to Find a Practitioner” with many helpful links.

Photo & Video Policy

  • Please only add photos / short videos if they’re required to further explain a post. Photos for attention are not allowed.
  • If you need to share a photo some may find offensive or unsettling, please write “photo in comments” and share it there only. Images of children’s private areas or of children who are not your own are strictly prohibited.

Group Files and Search Function

  • We have compiled many files on a wide variety of healing topics ranging from getting started to more advanced treatments. The files can be accessed from the menu underneath the group header. Please also see our Directory of Highlighted Files.
  • The search function (in facebook the top menu bar) is an invaluable tool. Because our group has a tremendous amount of posts, searching old threads will usually answer most general questions more quickly than a new post.
  • We do not approve posts asking basic questions that have been previously answered frequently or can easily be located in the files.

No Advertising

  • We don’t allow mentioning you sell a product or provide a service. Advertising, soliciting, or fundraising will result in removal from the group without warning.

No Private Messaging 

  • Asking and answering all questions in the group ensures that everyone may benefit from the answers and members receive the most well rounded response from a variety of people.

If you have further concerns, a full version of our guidelines is available in the group files.

img_2539Contacting Admins

If you need to contact the admins with administrative issues, please use:

If you haven’t already, please click “Confirm” in the email we sent.

Thank you for reading this page, we wholeheartedly welcome you to our community!

Click here to visit the group.


About us: We believe that parents using biomedical treatment options are historically one another’s best support system. In our facebook group, you’ll find over 40,000 like-minded parents. Many of them ready to offer experience, knowledge and camaraderie… sharing and healing together.

See this Biomed Getting Started Video if you’re new.


img_0223In addition to our facebook group, please find us on our:

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