Common household items can contribute to cognitive decline and other health issues. Holiday lights, Artificial Christmas trees, Power cords, School supplies, Faux leather handbags, and more can add phthalates, lead, VOC’s and other harmful chemicals to our homes. Find safe brands and reduce toxic exposure.

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Before there was Recovering Kids, there was Caroline... my 11 year-old daughter who's been an inspiration to our family and many others through her journey to heal from autism, PANS, and now Lyme. Visit this page for a collection of additional blog posts, information and videos.

VISIT OUR FACEBOOK GROUP! Whether your child has autism, adhd, allergies, asthma, Lyme, mitochondrial dysfunction, OCD, PANS / PANDAS, sensory processing disorder, or other health challenges, there is biomedical healing information in our group for you.

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