Recommended biomedical healing videos

1. Getting Started

For anyone newer to healing with diets and supplements, we recommend this 15 minute introductory video from Dr. Hirani. It covers recommended dietary modifications as well as some common supplements and treatments applicable to many autoimmune / neurological conditions — not limited to spectrum disorders.

2. Advanced Dietary options

Dr. Usman thoroughly explains advanced dietary options such as GF/CF (gluten-free, casein-free), SCD (specific carbohydrate diet), GAPS (gut and psychology syndrome), ketogenic, LOD (low oxalate diet), SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)/FODMAPs (Fermentable, Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides And Polyols), and FAILSAFE (free of additives, low in salicylates, amines and flavour enhancers).

3. PANS / PANDAS and beyond..

PANS is an autoimmune reaction directed at the brain triggered by infection, such as strep throat, mycoplasma pneumonia, or Lyme, among others.

Dr. Swedo discusses obsessive compulsive disorder, tics, and adhd as symptoms of the ultimate brain disorder, PANS / PANDAS.

4. Metabolic Disorders associated with autism

Learn from Dr. Frye about mitochondrial disorders, disorders of redox metabolism and disorders of folate metabolism. Slides that accompany the presentation are here.

5. Foundations of Immunology

Dr. Michael Elice reviews autoimmune/immune system dysfunctions triggered by the environment, exposure to toxins, infections and foods. The interaction of the gut and the brain are described in the context of modern day illnesses that affect our children.

6. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy

Dr. Van Dyke explains how increasing oxygen and blood flow to the brain can decrease inflammation, improve functional connectivity, reduce oxidative stress, generate mitochondria and so much more… resulting in significant symptom relief. In autism this includes improved speech, socialization, GI function and strength.

7. No More ADHD – Why drugs are not the answer

Dr. Block discusses ADHD and how to find the cause and fix the problem rather than covering symptoms with drugs.

8. PANS and Lyme Disease in ASD

Profound neurological and psychiatric symptoms can be caused by PANS induced autoimmune encephalitis, Lyme disease, and the immunological dysfunction that Lyme causes.

Dr. Fritz reviews signs and symptoms of PANS and Lyme and explains how too often they’re missed in children with autism. Appropriate evaluation and a whole body approach to healing are discussed.

9. Thyroid – Awakening the Brain

Dr. Kellman teaches that while thyroid levels are often normal in children with developmental disorders, for those with various inflammatory disorders, thyroid levels in the brain might still be low. Learn why thyroid hormone optimization in the brain is critical for successful treatment and how the TRH thyroid test can provide accurate results.

• For excellent interviews with professionals on a wide variety of topics, also check out Better Health Guy’s blogcast

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