Group Admission Requirements

Thank you for your interest in joining our Facebook group!

Because we limit membership to parents of children with special needs or health issues, we must be able to determine you’re a parent – ideally from your publicly displayed Facebook information.

If we see photos of children that have likes / comments from friends (we can generally view your profile photo, cover photos and any other public posts) you will be admitted promptly.

If your public profile doesn’t show your child(ren), we can make an exception if you are willing to provide ONE of the following:

  • A screenshot of a photo of your child(ren) on your facebook page showing your name and ‘likes’ from 10 or more friends.


  • A photo of yourself with your child(ren) AND a picture of a photo ID showing your name (you may hide all other identifying info).  *If photos of yourself are on your public profile and we can see you have friends, we don’t need the ID.


  • A message from a friend who you know in real life, is in our group, and meets the profile requirements, letting us know that they know you.

You may send photos / information to our private mailbox and only the admins of our group will be able to see them.

After we approve the pictures / information you submit, if you aren’t still pending, please apply (or reapply) to the group and answer the 3 interview questions.

You can find our group at this link: RecoveringKids | Biomedical healing

Please note, if your profile photo is completely blank, you risk future removal by one of our admins because you will stand out as having no photo. Please upload a public photo of something (doesn’t need to be people) so that you don’t draw attention to your profile.

img_6370-1For more information about our group, please see this page.

For a listing of our blog posts, please click here.

Thank you for your interest in joining our community, we are happy to have you!


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