Calms like Xanax, naturally! DHH-b is the best we’ve ever tried for anxiety & sleep

Here’s why we’re stocking up on this natural anxiety antidote & sleep solution | DHH-b, the new CBD?

For nearly 2 years it sat, squarely in the far recess of my cabinet, just out of view.

The answer to my daughter’s sleep struggles.

The calm for her anxious moments. Just waiting patiently to be asked to the prom.

On the unassuming bottle I had scribbled “mood?”

It was a note to suggest it could help boost mood…but even with a teenager, that wasn’t what we needed.

(We use saw palmetto to bring sunshine to even the gloomiest days.)

During a recent decluttering – thank you, minimal mom – I came across the bottle and decided to do some investigating.

Turns out, the studies on DHH-b show it’s highly effective for sleep, anxiety and much more.


As many of you know, we have vast experience with sleep supplements. We also have never found the magic pill, or even magic cocktail.

melatonin, benadryl, clonidine, valerian, passionflower, poppy, lemon balm, bacopa, CBD and more

Things we’ve tried for sleep

Similar to many other parents, we resorted to using large (expensive) amounts of CBD.

As I recalled, my castaway bottle of DHH-b wasn’t cheap either. (Spoiler — a less expensive brand is available)

Still, I was curious to see how much it might help.

I first gave my daughter a very small amount (2 mg) on a day when there was a choir concert at school.

Knowing she’d typically be anxious, when I saw how relaxed she was, I was hopeful!

Afterward, as she proclaimed “That was fun!” I knew we could be onto something!

The following day, we both took 3.5 mg at 11am, without food.

To me, it felt nearly identical to taking a very small amount of Xanax (which I tried in the past before giving it to her for a medical visit)

Same as Xanax, I didn’t have a care in the world and felt very chill!

Unlike Xanax, there were no negative side effects and I wasn’t useless and exhausted for the rest of the day.

I think the dose was slightly too high for daytime, because we both felt a little too relaxed, until we ate something and it dissipated.

Feeling amazed at how well it calmed, I naturally began to wonder if it could replace her bedtime cbd??

And if so, could I find it at a lower price?

I found a product on Amazon called “Day Chill

It contained the same ingredient (DHH-b) and cost $28 for 90, 10 mg capsules.

I was floored! Would it work as well as the $70 bottle of 30, 7.5mg capsules?

As soon as it arrived, I quickly learned, it did!

And in that moment, I knew I could be onto something transformative.

Something that could help our kids, ourselves, our parents…

Considering how critical sleep is, something that could change lives.

After I felt confident using it during the day, I gave her approximately 6 mg at night and halved her usual amount of CBD.

By the time I checked the video monitor – when she’s usually still wide eyed, looking around the room – she was already fast asleep!

She slept well and woke refreshed!

I slightly increased the dose of DHH-b and further cut back on the CBD with the same results nightly!

While I continue to give some of the herbs for relaxation, I probably wouldn’t need to.

Since using DHH-b, it’s the first time in over a decade that she hasn’t needed either medication or large doses of CBD to fall asleep.

I consider that life changing ❤️

What is DHH-b?

DHH-b, dihydrohonokiol-B, is a HIGHLY (20x) concentrated form of magnolia bark extract which is also known as honokiol.

Because of the 20x concentration, it’s much more effective than honokiol / magnolia bark, but let’s start by learning about what standard honokiol can do.

“Despite its somewhat under-the-radar status, magnolia bark has been a powerhouse in traditional medicine for centuries.

Filled with bioactive compounds that can address conditions from anxiety to inflammation, the extract of magnolia bark may play a beneficial role in:

  • healthy sleep
  • stress reduction
  • weight management
  • neuroprotection
  • and brain health.”

(Taken from this summary article)

Research shows that because it works through several pathways, it can benefit conditions in the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, and gastrointestinal system.

It has therapeutic potential in anxiety, pain, cerebrovascular injury, epilepsy, and cognitive disorders including Alzheimer’s disease (R)

How DHH-b Works

Boosts GABA: GABA is a neurotransmitter that exerts a calming effect. Increased GABA activity quiets excitatory neurons in the brain, helps reduce anxiety, and promotes sleep.

Activates Cannabinoid Receptors: A study found that the extract can activate cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are part of the endocannabinoid system throughout the body.

This system plays a role in immune health, pain relief, and disease-prevention. Activation of these receptors helps to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and elevate mood, among many other benefits. (R)

Is a Powerful Antioxidant: Honokiol has high antioxidant properties that lower levels of inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain and throughout the body.

Is an Adrenaline Inhibitor: Bioactive compounds in magnolia bark can reduce adrenaline, a hormone strongly associated with stress.

Other research indicates it may suppress unhealthy levels of cortisol, another significant stress-related hormone.

It’s even been linked to relieving insomnia, irritability, and anxiety in a study with 600 menopausal women.


How is DHH-b different from magnolia bark (honokiol)?

It’s important to remember that DHH-b is a 20x concentrated form of magnolia bark / honokiol.

DHH-b significantly outperforms magnolia bark extract and honokiol supplements

If you’ve tried magnolia, I don’t want you to think this is the same…. It’s not!

In our house, 3/4 of a capsule of DHH-b has replaced large doses of CBD for sleep needs and has become our go-to supplement for anxiety.

This is especially notable because we used to spend $30-40/ week on CBD and now spend under $2/ week on DHH-b.


I emailed the manufacturer of the Max Life brand to learn more about the cost differences among products.

As it turns out, they actually used to produce the product I had from the other seller (that is being sold online for a much larger markup) until they decided to only manufacture their own lines.

He mentioned they sell thousands of bottles of DHH-b each week. Many to people who are weaning off of benzodiazepines. ⁣

I found it fascinating that (while some people use magnolia bark), I haven’t heard of anyone in our community using DHH-b, especially given the difficulties so many of us face with both anxiety and sleep.

He also gave me a discount code of CHILL15 for 15% off:

Update! The company now also sells 3mg capsules. They could be ideal for daytime use or for people who need slightly more than 10 mg at night.

The code is: freelowdose for buy 2 get 1 free if you add 3 total to your cart

Note: I am not receiving anything in compensation for this post and as always, we do not have sponsors for our blog posts.

Additional Research

An impressive quantity of research studies have been conducted on honokiol.

Below are some links that I found especially helpful along with some of my notes. Please visit the links for much more in depth information.

Honokiol Research Review – A promising extract with multiple applications

“Honokiol also shows potential in preventative health by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, providing neurological protection, and regulating glucose; in mental illness by its effects against anxiety and depression; and in helping regulate stress response signaling.

It’s antimicrobial effects demonstrate potential for partnering with antiviral/antibiotic therapy, and treating secondary infections.

Honokiol may occupy a distinct therapeutic niche because of its unique characteristics: the ability to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) and blood cerebrospinal fluid barrier (BCSFB), high systemic bioavailability, and its actions on a multiplicity of signaling pathways and genomic activity.”

(In vitro research suggests honokiol has potential to enhance current anticancer regimens by inhibiting angiogenesis, promoting apoptosis, providing direct cytotoxic activity, down-regulating cancer cell signaling pathways, regulating genetic expression, enhancing the effects of specific chemotherapeutic agents, radio-sensitizing cancer cells to radiation therapy, and inhibiting multidrug resistance.)

Neuroprotective effects – Neuroinflammation occurs via the activation of microglia in response to inflammatory stimuli with subsequent release of proinflammatory cytokines and prostaglandins, including TNF alpha, IL-6, and COX-2.

An in vitro study in 2012 showed that honokiol reduces inflammation in brain tissue by down-regulating transcription factors that control the activation of overactive microglia, thus inhibiting the release of these inflammatory compounds.

Honokiol’s Primary Properties and Actions (supporting research in the article above)

• Anti-inflammatory • Antioxidant and selective pro-oxidant • Antimicrobial • Antiangiogenic • Anxiolytic • Antitumor • Antifibrotic • Cardioprotective • Neuroprotective • No appreciable toxicity

Neuro-Modulating Effects of Honokiol: A Review

• Excellent research on the select benefits of neuroprotection, improved sleep, reduced inflammation and pain management.

8 Health Benefits of Magnolia Bark + Dosage, Side Effects

• An easy-to-read, comprehensive summary with reference links from Self Hacked.

Dosing FAQ’s

I’ve found that DHH-b is powerful supplement that requires personal experimentation.

A small difference in dosing can have a very noticeable effect.

Several people (children and adults) tested it with us and their results matched ours.

• Using too much for anxiety can result in daytime tiredness.

• Using too little for sleep can be ineffective.

Note: Everyone should check with their own doctor if they feel their own research and knowledge doesn’t support trying it. One drug interaction I found worth mentioning is to use care with blood thinners.

So, while I can’t advise anyone specifically, I can offer our observations.

Each capsule I’m using is 10mg – so many of these amounts are a FRACTION of capsule and are approximate amounts.

2 – 3 mg – notably calmed minor anxiety for ~120 lb females, including at a public speaking engagement

3.5 – 4 mg – major chill and slight daytime tiredness for ~120 lb females

10-13 mg – a good bedtime dose for ~120 lb female and ‘very chilling’ daytime dose for ~140 lb male

10 mg – very chilling daytime dose for 170 lb adult male… also helpful for bedtime, but he still woke up early and prefers more

I suspect 12-15 mg is a good dose for sleep for an average size adult.

20 mg – adult male ~170 lbs slept incredible, felt like Xanax, slept 8 hours and did not wake up once.

I could be that giving too little at night could produce the opposite effect and be stimulatory.

It’s commonly known with CBD that too little will keep a person awake at night but if you give enough, it promotes sleep. From some reports back about DHH-b, I suspect the same may be true.

So if you’re using it at night, it could be important to be sure you take enough.

From a study: “Following oral administration, anxiolytic-like activity was clearly evident at 1 hour, peaked at 3 hours, and remained significant for longer than 4 hours.”

For my daughter, I usually give it about 15 minutes before bedtime.

• In my research, I did not read about ages of children it should or should not be given to. Again, I can’t advise, but I would feel safer giving it to my child than Benadryl or clonidine, which we reluctantly began, for sleep, at approximately age 6.

• We found it works fastest and is the most potent when taken without food and / or given sublingually. It works well with food also, but takes a little longer to act.

• It doesn’t have a strong taste.

• Can easily be sprinkled on or mixed into food.

• Can be given in water but doesn’t mix well. I typically compensate for what will be left in the cup.


I clearly regret leaving the bottle sit in my cabinet for almost 2 years… epic fail!

“Better late than never” is the only assurance I can give myself.

So here we are.

And I cannot more highly recommend this natural supplement as a staple in people’s medicine cabinets.

Sometimes we find natural products don’t completely deliver the benefits we expect.

In the case of DHH-b, it’s nothing short of shockingly good!

At a lower dose it’s perfect for anxiety (and so much more).

At a higher dose it’s amazing for sleep, and incredibly cost effective!

My hope for everyone is that, unlike me, you won’t forget it’s there when you need it!

5 thoughts on “Calms like Xanax, naturally! DHH-b is the best we’ve ever tried for anxiety & sleep

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  1. Rebecca, thank you for this extremely informative and encouraging post! I am trying this for myself for sleep. Do you have any updates you’d like to share? Is your daughter still using it? I tried 7,5 mg the first night and fell right to sleep. My second night that did not happen so I am figuring out what my dose will be.


    1. She still uses it but I do find that it’s something people become tolerant to when used to fall asleep.. Perhaps it can be best used intermittently for greatest effect? Good luck with it! ☺️

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