Dr. Naviaux’s groundbreaking autism research

We don’t have a cure for autism ….YET.

But a doctor with an idea that has yielded a remarkable result in the first human trial is on our side.

Dr. Naviaux has established that many children with autism have a treatable metabolic condition and with the right treatment, symptoms can be reversed.

Read more about his research in this blog:

A 100-Year-Old Drug Improves Core Symptoms of Autism

The next step is additional trials to determine the safety and efficacy of an antipurinergic drug. It’s important to know that his research is not about finding a drug to cover up symptoms… it’s about addressing the underlying cause of autism to heal our children.

March 2018 UPDATE:  Dr. Naviaux will be preceeding with the clinical trials! You can read the exciting update here.

For much more detail on Suramin, you can read this research paper and watch Dr. Naviaux’s presentation:


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