Additional Posts | Regarding Caroline

Before there was Recovering Kids, there was Caroline… my 11 year-old daughter who’s been an inspiration to our family and many others through her journey to heal from autism, PANS, and now Lyme.

It’s because of her that our group exists. I was determined to find a way to help as many parents as possible and so began the Recovering Kids Facebook Group.

You can find her entire story, many past posts, videos, and more at and also by following us on Facebook

The Village Blog posts by Rebecca Ferguson – Regarding Caroline:

Select blog posts from Regarding Caroline

Advanced Treatments for Autism and Strategies for Non-Responders

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) | Healing for Mitochondria & Autism

VIDEO: Autism Prevention | What the Parents Say

Probiotics: Should you be questioning them too?

Fountain of Intelligence…. in a Bottle — Get Smart

PANDAS: A Year in Review | Keeping yeast and bacteria in check [tightrope graphic]

Trifecta.  Betting on Supplements (summer of biomed results)

Recovery.  Measured in Hugs — MTHFR & revisiting mb-12

Vaccine Controversy | A PubMed Compilation

Gone Fishing| Casting out for parasites and yeast

LCarnosine & Seriphos | Calm, aware, talkative & agile!

It takes a Detective | Yeast :: Bacteria :: Parasites

Fragrance Toxins are the New Secondhand Smoke

Kickin’ it Old School | Replacing PANS antibiotics with natural options

Got Camel Milk?

Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol

Chalkboard Campaign – Vaccine education video

The Vaccine Connection

A New Chapter…  Finding our way to a PANS / PANDAS Diagnosis

Using Homeopathy Alongside other Treatments

I’m at the Health Food Store… now what?  [Behavior Balance DMG]

The Meltdown to End All Meltdowns   [Adrenal Support]

Changing your Child’s Diet… one french fry at a time

Cod Liver Oil… make mine a double

Getting Started with Biomed Page

Caroline’s Story — Overview Page

You may also be interested in our e-book:

Journey out of Autism — Breaking Through, a Mother’s Story.

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